Travel and photography go hand-in-hand. Even if you’re not planning on taking photography seriously, you’ll still find it hard not to snap away whenever there’s a chance.

To celebrate our shared passion for photography, we’ve put together a list of some fantastic places to take photos. If you’re planning on taking a trip, these are some places you might want to add to your list.


If you’re hoping to photograph the stillness that comes with freshly fallen snow or perhaps an Aurora, you must take a trip to Antarctica. The icy landscapes here beg to be photographed, making it the perfect destination for photographers of all experience levels.


Scotland is known for its beautiful landscapes, but it also has a captivating history. This combination of the past and the present can produce some of the most outstanding photos. The magnificent castles found in Scotland’s various regions are known for their unique vantage points. Also, tiny cottages dwarfed by the majestic mountains can provide a fantastic photo opportunity.


Greece is full of beautiful and stunning locations. If you’re looking for a place also famous for travel photography, you must go to the island of Santorini. This area is known for its beautiful scenery and houses on the mountainside. If you’re hoping for brilliant architecture, consider visiting Mykonos, home of the Parthenon.


When people imagine Thailand, they often dream of the idyllic beaches and long-tail boats. These images are often featured on the front covers of publications. While there are plenty of opportunities to take photos in Thailand, there is much more to this destination.


Croatia is a beautiful destination known for its beautiful forests and islands. The Dalmatian Coast is also one of the most popular subjects for professional photographers. With over a thousand islands in the Mediterranean, it’s no wonder that people flock to this country. Aside from its beautiful scenery, there are also ancient ruins and historic buildings.